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Public Information Statement

Statement as of 5:17 AM CDT on May 28, 2015

... Public information statement...

... May 24th through 30th is hurricane preparedness week in Texas...

... Today's topic is marine impacts...

The honorable governor of Texas... Greg Abbott... has declared may
24th through 30th 2015 as hurricane preparedness week in Texas.

The following tropical weather topics will be discussed for the rest
of the week:

Today... ... ... ... ... ... marine impacts
Friday... ... ... ... ... ..Personal preparedness tips

Tropical storms and hurricanes will create havoc... chaos... and
life threatening danger in the waters along and east of the Lower
Texas Gulf Coast more than any other weather event on average.
While hurricanes get vast attention... strong tropical storms can
be a harrowing experience... as was the case with Hermine in
September 2010. Hermine... which peaked just below hurricane
strength with 70 mph winds... produced rough seas above 15 feet and
forced more than 100 Mexican shrimp vessels to seek safe Harbor in
the port of Brownsville on September 6th and 7th.

There is no single rule of thumb that can be used by mariners to
ensure at least minimum safe separation from a tropical cyclone.
Constant monitoring of tropical cyclone potential and a continuing
risk analysis... when used with some fundamental guidelines... are
the basic recommended tools to help minimize the impact of a
tropical cyclone to a vessel at sea or in port.

One rule is paramount: avoiding the 34 knot /gale force/ wind
field of a tropical cyclone. Any ship in the vicinity of a
tropical cyclone should make every effort to remain clear of the
maximum radius of analyzed or forecast 34 knot winds. A second
common sense rule is to never cross the "t"... or the track... of a
tropical cyclone. Sudden acceleration or intensification of a
cyclone can put a ship in harm's way... so constant adjustments in
navigation are critical since a storm's track... size... and
intensity are always in flux.

Mariners must be cautioned never to leave themselves with only
a single navigation option when attempting to avoid a tropical
cyclone in the Atlantic. Having room to maneuver at sea can become
extremely important when operating in the confined waters of the
western Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

At a minimum... obtain the latest Marine Prediction Center and
Tropical Prediction Center analysis/forecast charts including
surface... upper level... and sea state charts. Locate and plot
tropical waves... disturbances... and tropical cyclones. If
available... examine current satellite imagery. Obtain the latest
tropical cyclone advisory messages. Plot current and forecast
positions of all active and suspected tropical cyclone activity.

Make a chart of the tropical cyclone danger areas to avoid.
Determine possible courses of action... at least two... for your
vessel to take in order to remain clear of the danger. Evaluate
current and nearby port and hurricane Haven locations that may be
considered for tropical cyclone avoidance. Make a decision on a
course of action to follow and execute it. Continue to closely
monitor the progress of any tropical cyclones.

Ensure that all maritime charts are up to date for the 2011
season. Geographic information systems /gis/ offer pinpoint
mapping detail for surface and subsurface markers... so consider
this option as well.

For additional information regarding marine related preparedness...
please visit the following websites:

National Hurricane Center marine preparedness Page

Brownsville National Weather Service hurricane preparedness

Texas hurricane guide, Rio Grande Valley edition (available by may 31)

Guia oficial de huracanes, la edicion para El Valle del Rio Grande
(disponible por 31 de mayo)

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